We are incubating innovative ideas for Retail services


We are looking for projects or early-stage startups that have an innovative solution for Retail services.


You can apply to the second cohort of the Incubator online at below link until 20 October 2021.


The incubation will include a hands-on program of training, mentorship, coaching and other services for the startups.

Demo Day

Upon a 18 weeks-long rigorous program, startups will pitch their projects to a jury of executives and investors.

For detailed information about incubation program click here


Incubation program mentoring topics

- Development Phases of a Startup
- Success & Failure Factors
- Pain level, cheat sheets & ideas
- Business Model Canvas & other tools
- Market and Competitor Analyses
- Customer interviews / surveys (pre-launch).
- How to get product-market fit
- How to measure product/market fit
- Validation of the value hypothesis
- Customer interviews / surveys (post-launch).
- Pricing models (cost vs value balance, 10x and other rules)
- Revenue models (freemium, subscription, pay-as-you-go etc.)
- Customer lock-in strategies (through pricing model, contracts,lock-in traps).
- Go2market strategy (working with early adopters; word of mouth,organic growth hacks)
- KPIs (primary metric, secondary metrics; goals)
- Growth rate for startups (organic vs paid growth table)
- Where to launch (channels, do’s and don’ts)
- Productivity and tracking tools (sales funnel - hubspot, trello, slackand etc for project / product management)
- How to split equity among cofounders (tools and models)
- Essential legal matters (cofounders agreement, customer lock-incontracts, and etc.)
- IP protection (trademark, patent, copyright, trade secrets and NDAs)
- Design thinking
- Team brainstorming
- Testing ideas and ideas selection
- Buyer portrait:Key demographic, social and behavioural parameters
- Approaches to market research: Interviewing, focus groups, questionnaires, mystery shopping, experts consultations, collecting & analyzing data
- Competitors’ analysis: The general competition level in the industry Summary of market analysis
- Key features and expected result for user
- Use cases, user stories, acceptance criteria
- MVP definition
- Prototyping & Wireframes Navigation
- Testing - Key design trends and requirements
- Transfer of the project from designers to programmers
- Presentation tools, structure of presentation
- Speech structure and techniques
- Pitching preparation, storytelling
- Raising money techniques
- Networking techniques
- Scrum Team Management
- Backlog Design - And etc;
- Software development
- Mock Services and internal integrations with the Bank
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