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Entrepreneurs Club

We contribute to the development of small and medium enterprises (SMEs), which are one of the main directions of our economy, and properly assess the opportunities for business development.

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Mobile banking

We have invented mobile banking for an easy access to customer services. You can manage your account and finances, make payments, send money at your fingertips.

ABB Link

We have launched the ABB Link service, which performs the function of a virtual POS terminal. Every entrepreneur can set up their e-commerce system within a maximum of 2 days by joining this service.

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Distant Account

We have enabled our online services to be accessible remotely. Any legal entity or individual entrepreneur with the signature "ASAN" can use this opportunity.

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We help building an ecosystem of
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09.04.2021 19:00

Introduction to UI/UX design

The webinar will give universal knowledge for beginners: we will explain everything about web design and interactive design, talk about the designer's tools, and which of them are recommended by professionals.
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07.04.2021 19:00

Introduction to Digital Marketing

Get acquainted with the direction of Digital Marketing: why its popularity has sharply increased and why it should be valuable for personal brands and businesses
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27.02.2021 16:02


ABB has completed the first startup program of IBA Innovation Center, which fosters the development of innovative ecosystem of our country. 12 teams, selected on the basis of a competition, passed the incubation stage at the center. Main proportion of the projects incubated at the program relates to the field of financial technologies (FinTech).
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Questions we get asked a lot…

Open Innovation is a concept and practice of businesses and organizations sourcing ideas and solutions from external sources as well as internal ones. Open innovation in banking relates innovation programs i.e. hackathons, incubation, acceleration but also to availability of product integration towards API services.
We have created our innovation center to support and nurture the digital transformation drive that has been undertaken at ABB. We are upscaling our web and mobile services through our digitalization program. The Innovation Center will pave the way to sourcing ideas and solutions externally and internally in improving the current digital services.
ABB Innovation Center is an innovation initiative that supports the Bank’s digital and online services through startups with new technology ideas, products, solutions or services. ABB Innovation Center is well aligned with the ABB’s strategy to expand SME and retail banking solutions by leveraging innovation and technology.
Our primary goal is to enable a leading and sustainable FinTech ecosystem in Azerbaijan and its region. We aspire to foster innovation in financial services, enhancing digital platforms for SMEs and individuals, bringing up best talents towards programming languages, supporting entrepreneurs for their innovative ideas, and making the most out of the new technologies i.e. Artificial Intelligence, Distributed Ledger Technologies, automation and mobile services.
Hackathons, incubation, acceleration, corporate entrepreneurship, open banking and ABB Tech are the main programs under the Innovation Center. There are also community and capacity building activities that are organized and delivered within the same scope.
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